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Investment Management Teams

Our investment management team is composed of the Investment Policy Committee (IPC) and our Research Group. The IPC and Research Group interact closely to create, implement and continuously monitor our strategies. The IPC is responsible for all strategic investment decisions, and the Research Group is dedicated to all supporting efforts. 

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Investment Policy Committee

Liquidity Tradeelite doesn’t base market decisions on just one investment portfolio manager’s views. With more than 10 years of combined industry experience, Liquidity-tradeelite IPC collaboratively makes all of the firm’s strategic investment decisions.

Research Group

Our internal research department is comprised of investment professionals dedicated to aiding the Investment Policy Committee with Liquidity-tradeelite portfolio management.

The department is organized into teams with unique responsibilities, including analyzing macroeconomic trends, monitoring every investment sector and major country around the world, evaluating individual securities, calculating performance attribution, and implementing the IPC's portfolio decisions.

Members of our research department present at seminars nationwide, teach workshops and university courses, and write columns, articles, and books on investing.

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